Running the first Docker container :)

From the last two blogs, Docker evolution, theory and terminologies are quite clear. In this post, we will be having an hands-on on running first docker container. Please note that the container names and ids may differ from those here when you are trying these commands along side. Docker runs as a root in the… Continue reading Running the first Docker container 🙂

Installing Docker..Yeyy

In the last blog, we went through the journey of IT right from physical server usage, its drawbacks to hypervisor based virtualization to Docker. We also discussed how containers use host Operating System’s features like cgroups and namespaces. In this post, we will be working on installing docker and getting familiar with some of the… Continue reading Installing Docker..Yeyy

Hi Docker!!

Greetings readers!! Since you are reading this post, it means you are interested in learning Docker. I was interested too! I started a self-study in Docker and it became my pet project. Through this post, and many more to follow (hopefully :P), I will try to put my learnings into words hoping it becomes beneficial… Continue reading Hi Docker!!